Thirty Day- Juice Detox


A 30 day supply of indigenous herb plant based juice

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A 30 – day process of including one Indigenous Herb Plant-based juice per day. We brew a herbal decoction of our various available local indigenous herbs with spices, ginger, and lemon, this gets blended into our vegetable-based juices along with a varied combination of seeds and superfood powders, with natural spring water. There are two blends we produce with the herb decoction 1. Green goodness we add, celery, parsley, and kale. 2. In the Redbullet, we add beets and carrots. That’s what gives them their color. We make a fresh blend every week, and we put it in freezer pouches. You would keep it in the freezer and take it out the night before, you will need to use your blender, pop the indigenous herb blend into the blender, add some mango and pineapple, and berries. Or simply add your favorite fruit. Give it a whizz in the blender, if you need to add extra water, only add bottled water or natural spring water. Herbs are an acquired taste, so you will need to get used to it at first, drink it in shots until you become used to the herby taste.


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