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Aurbon and Natalie have been on their own personal journey of discovering there true potential and purpose in this crazy and confusing time for the past 10 years.

In 2011 when Natalie was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2 this catalysed a change for the better. Achieving wellness naturally was process that took over 5 years, they now live fully plant based lifestyle incorapting a range of indigenous herbs into their plant based wholefoods diet.

Their focus is now helping others achieve physical and mental wellness through proper nutrition and living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

in our late 20s living a lifestyle that was all about having a good time became a challenge as the pressures of life got more hectic.

Roots & Raw is a Brand focused on bringing health to individuals & communities through their Healthy Lifestyle Plant Based Detox Self Management programmes & the production of lovingly made wholesome good for the body plant based beverages and foods.

We work with Schools, Corporate Companies, Community Sport Clubs, People with Disabilities, Community based organizations with a focus on Early Childhood Development and Youth, Seniors and everyone else seeking a healthier way of living . 

We are addressing the global pandemic of diabetes & obesity related diseases by producing plant based beverages and foods that supports our customer’s daily nutritional needs. Our programmes allows individuals to be awakened to a healthier way of living that is natural, sustainable, affordable and holistic. 

Before the #covid19 pandemic hit the globe we have been dealing with an ill health pandemic namely Heart Disease , Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Cancer ; these lifestyle related chronic illnesses is rife in every country and the world, life expectancy is dropping and chronic diseases are at an all-time high, and children, our future generations are highly affected. 

Communities are being damaged at every level and the only way to reverse these trends is through education and personal example that will equate self management practices.

Aurbon and Natalie Hurling Co-Creators have been on their own personal health journey for the past 10 years. Natalie, was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2 and handed a prescription for Metformin in 2011.

This was the catalyst for a change for the better. Indigenous herbs, grains, legumes , leafy green veggies, fruits, spices , oils, nuts and seeds is the lifestyle they live by today. A process that took 5 years of very low lows and exhilarating high since the Company’s inception in 2013. Their focus is on introducing a minimalistic way of living with a 80/20 balance , that is empowering and inculcates inner strength and peace.
Due to their own journey back to health, they have been sharing their story to individuals, families and communities that need it most. Your health is your greatest wealth is the companies motto. They believe that a healthy body equates to a healthy mind.