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SuperFood in a capsule

Microdosing? Whats that?

Let Food Be Your Medicine

Nutrient rich Foods

We believe this was pure Devine intervention.  We had no idea that Micro dosing was a thing, quite frankly.  Aurbon was looking for ways to make the herbal decoctions and infusions we were drinking easier to consume. Indigenous herbs, superfoods and spices are either too bitter , too strong or too spicy. In typical Aurbon style, its loaded with the good stuff #turmeric #blackpepper #cayennepepper #ginger #cinnamon as a tea it was not that easy to drink but we drank it anyway.  One day he said, why not  just put it in a capsule? From there on, we put all our most vile tasting spice blends,  indigenous herb blends and our superfood blends into capsules. It was a gift straight from God for us. This way we could get in all the good stuff without the bad aftertaste . 

History Of Microdosing

Turns out that microdosing is was originally a practice that a psychologist  Dr James Fadiman used in his practice. Specifically for people suffering from anxiety and depression and other mental disorders like PTSD ( Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) the difference however was that they use doses of hallucinogens 

its a daily practice

For Roots and Raw our focus is on the daily routines of giving your body tiny doses of superfoods such as #moringa #fennelseed #turmeric #blackseed #psylluim and so on , on a daily basis. This way you giving your body regular doses of  #calcium #magnesium #VitaminC #FolicAcid and so much more.  These are all vitamins  that are not currently in our food system.  These days everyone is living off fast foods , processed foods and general junk food, with little to zero nutritional value. 

Feel Better

What we’ve experienced is less fatigue,  reduced cravings during the day,  increased energy and an alertness that we never experienced previously.  Our typical micro dosing routine is taking 4 capsules at a time.  One capsule is 500mgs , so we giving our bodies 2000mgs every few hours.  

The kinds of superfoods we blend in these capsules are to do the following within our bodies 1. Detoxify the body 2. Reduce inflammation 3. Increase Energy 4. Keep us calm .  The added key benefits to these plants is to boost our immunity and improve our overall gut health. Through feedback from clients and through our personal self healing, the above are all the areas that we suffer from collectively. We here to let you know that you do not have to suffer any longer, a plant based way of living will heal you from the inside out.  Always bear in mind that your health is your greatest wealth.  Live Well . Stay connected for more on this subject over the next few weeks.  

Feel Healthy

Self Care

is how we take our Power back

Make Healthy choices convenient for yourself

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