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Why we need to Detox Regularly

What we’ve learnt thru our personal experience and thru client feedback over the last 10 years, is  that the process of Detoxing is different for everyone. Most of the time, the more imbalances, disease and toxins there are in the body, or the more years of poor habits accumulated, the more intense the healing crisis will be. Now don’t get me wrong, Detoxing doesn’t mean you’ll be spending a few days in the loo with long periods of diarrhea! This ain’t the movies. You will experience some temporary uncomfortable vibes,  a temporary worsening of current symptoms you have. For us women,  headaches,  irritability, skin breakouts,  food cravings,  irregular bowel movements and lethargy has become a norm but when detoxing it increases , but only for a little while.  And sadly,  you have to go thru it, not under it, not around it or over it,  you have to go thru it.  Look the demon in the eye.  By demon I mean your bad habits. The reasons why you need to detox in the first place. Get rid of the “shyzer” we say. These poor eating habits,  poor mental chatter, the constant need to nibble on something #lekker , really needs to stop.  Get it together!  All of the above symptoms is normal and occurs as the body starts to clean out the ‘excess baggage’ particularly around the waist. This uncomfortable  feeling  is a natural part of the  body’s process of healing itself. Think of it as #spring #cleaning removing all the toxins accumulated within your cells in your body. Spring cleaning all the cupboards, shelves, drawers, every nook and cranny to leave you feeling absolutely refreshed and rejuvenated. The human body is amazingly designed, it’s a self-healing, self-renewing, self-cleansing machine. When the right conditions are created, the right fuel is consumed a vibrant well-being is its natural state. I always say, we are Gods highest form of creation, we are magnificently designed. But because we are so disconnected from the ways of nature and ourselves and live under less than natural conditions, and stopped self managing ourselves, we lost the plot. 

Knowing this, we need to enable our bodies to heal, regenerate and in some cases rejuvenate itself. And we can only do so my starting with what we eat. 

We living in very different times , some refer to it as modern times.  Myself and Aurbon refers to it as Dark times,  we still need to stay healthy, and through our detoxing solutions you can achieve this, fundamentally there are two baseline fundamentals to  practice  regularly,  1. Regular detoxification cleansing and  2. Eating more plants , raw foods unprocessed , in its natural form eating raw foods, just as nature intended food to be, raw and natural. 


What the Detoxification Specialist says;

Approximately eight hours after eating our last meal the processes of digestion, absorption, and assimilation are completed and the body enters into detoxification mode, a function we don’t think about often. A healthy body, used to eating natural foods, needs around four hours to cleanse and detoxify itself from all the waste products of normal metabolism. This is without counting the toxic overload of modern life. It’s a really good practice to fast every day for 12 hours after our last meal: Eight hours to complete food processing plus four to allow for detoxification. So if your last meal is at 10pm, don’t eat anything before 10am. Breakfast should be exactly that, break-fast, or breaking the fast. This would be enough in a toxin-free world. Since that is not the case, we should periodically make an extra effort to go deeper and catch up with the cleaning, as it were.

Dr. Alejandro Junger is a cardiologist who practices integrative healing. He currently sees patients in his private practice at the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in New York and, in 2008, he was named the Director of Integrative Medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital. Tweet

How you will benefit from a Detox Cleansing process

  1. You’ll benefit from an increased intake of vitamins and minerals  from juiced indeginous herbs and vegetables,  superfood micro dosing capsules , meat-free protein soups and herbal teas
  2. Improved energy
  3. Weight loss
  4. Relief from constipation.
  5. Resolved headaches, muscle aches and fatigue.
  6. Improvement of symptoms of chronic illnesses such as Diabetes, Hypertension , Gout  and Overall Inflammation  

One of the biggest advantages of a detox for me is the mental clarity and the calmness of the mind, I sleep better and i react better to stressful situations especially when my wife comes at me for not getting that juice delivery done for a customer or not being able to make enough stock for the weeks orders, I can only get so much natural spring water at a time from the mountains and the herb gatherers has to trek for days in the mountains to get the herbs that is needed to produce our magical raw juices. The health benefits of regular detox makes it easier for the challenging life of an Entrepreneur and helps me perform at a level that the average human cant operate in the challenging times.

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