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How we found our purpose

Welcome to first our blog; we are very excited to have this space to share, inspire, and challenge those that would like to improve and manifest a better version of themselves.


We intend to share what we have experienced, Natalie would say, “demons we slew, over the past 10 years through a natural process of learning through living in pursuit of purpose and meaning to our life. I believe that happiness unlike purpose is a temporary drug. Once we found our purpose, we found meaning, tapped into the source of life itself. You become relentless at living that empowering experience. Its a roller coaster ride of ups and downs and twists and turns with G- forces that you have not experienced yet or never actually thought you could actually experience. You surprise yourself when you live with purpose and meaning. I feel compelled to better myself, reevaluating the legacy I leave behind when I leave this earth. Striving to let go of fears that have been holding me back and holding me captive. Looking the demons in the eye, and overcoming them.

We’ve conquered a few milestones so far, our addiction food, how we stopped eating meat and processed foods, How we reduced smoking and drinking, We in the process of detoxing our lifestyle to be more sustainable and natural, the way we want it to be. We busy redesigning a system that has crashed and was not set up for success for people that look like me. I want a sustainable, ethical, and values-driven system that will set up our children to know themselves and live their lives on purpose. With this blog we will be sharing our experiences as a Blended family, how we detoxed off Toxic Mass Media, Religion, schooling for our kids, toxic people, Our experiences as local ethnic entrepreneurs, Working incorporate from a male’s perspective and a female perspective. Our experiences Corporate social investment smoke and mirrors, funding for small businesses- the good the bad the ugly.


Join us as we continue to strive for good health, a peaceful mind, a state of gratitude, learning new skills, empowering ourselves. Heal ourselves with plants at the core. Brings us closer to our self and our source, Most High Creator of all



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